all used up april, including biotherm blue therapy serum

all used up april, including biotherm blue therapy serum


Eucerin DermatoClean: another micell thing. I need to start buying bigger sizes of cleansers, really. I enjoyed using this one a lot; I wish they had a bigger size than 200ml.


list of ingredients; this product comes unscented, yay!


petritsch hair gold hair shine treatment: I’m on a mission to use up testers and such. This thing is not supposed to be a conditioner but you use it like one (put on wet hair, rinse) and it’s supposed to make your hair shiny. Honestly I couldn’t see any difference in shininess afterwards. Since it’s not meant to be a conditioner, the conditioning properties are there, but not as good. You’re meant to use both a conditioner and this but I really don’t see the point.


Rexona aloe vera fresh dry deo stick: I used up two of these pretty much at the same time; one at home and one in my gym bag. I’ve already replaced them with the same brand but different scent. You know those questions where people get asked what they would take to an abandoned island and they list stuff like books, ipods, or mascara? forget all that, I’ll take rexona. I’m willing to live without pretty much every luxury but deodorant. I prefer stick to roll ons or sprays because I don’t want to feel wetness and I can throw them in a bag and don’t have to worry about leakage. Once I had a stick melt inside the car when it was really hot, but even then there was no leaking, the product stayed contained by the cap. I really like Rexona sticks, okay?


Clarins creme desalterante/hydra quench cream: I found this one underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great cream, especially when it’s still cold outside, but the smell and texture reminded me of normal Nivea face cream. It’s good but is it worth the price Clarins asks for a full size? I don’t think so. Maybe it is a super miracle cream and I didn’t discover its greatness yet, but if so, the sample was too small.


Biotherm Blue Therapy serum: This one on the other hand, omfg. It promises to repair visible signs of aging. That’s quite a lot to promise. I used it morning and evenings for over a month (about six weeks all in all, I had a second smaller sample as well), at first with additional face cream but then I noticed that was not necessary as it gave enough moisture and I stopped using anything else.

After three days (=six applications) my raised, angry red acne scars scabbed over. I’ve had these for about half a year or longer. The next day the scab fell off and the scars were visibly smaller and less discolored. Three days! After five days I found it behaved like you often hear about really good acne products. You know when you start using this acne cream to lessen your acne, but then break out all over instead? And it’s supposed to be good because it pulls out the acne from deeper inside the skin? and you go, well great but I look like a pizza now? Well, this serum does that, too. It contains salicylic acid btw. After day seven the pimples healed off. The rest of the month I had no such break out anymore, and pimples were smaller and healed more nicely. So I want to say this is a really good serum, but do not start using it a week before your wedding, you’d be one unhappy bride. 😉

So, does it do what it promises? I’m not sure if it reduces age related problems, I don’t have this many visible wrinkles yet and I can’t say if it would help with pigmentation problems. But I very much recommend it for acne. I’m a big fan of using anti-aging products for acne instead of acne products. I feel like acne products never moisturize enough and this perpetuates the problem, since the skin produces more of its own sebum which is what bacteria eat. Also some of the stronger acne products, like La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo make me red and swollen and pop the outer skin layers right off. It’s just too strong.

The absolutely only minor downside of blue therapy serum as far as I saw it was that while it got the acne out and evened the scars out some, my pores seemed a little more clogged. By that I mean I felt I had more visible blackheads. I don’t think it makes sense since the product exfoliates, but it has been my observation. I might purchase a full size, but unlike the tester I wouldn’t use it every day.


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