OPI The Impossible

OPI The Impossible


Pictured: OPI in the Impossible on a base of essence peel off basecoat, no topcoat

Lovely pinkish coral with chunks of differently sized glitter, including star glitter. I had a little problem getting the stars onto the brush, though.

I tried this with the essence peel off base again. Removal is not as easy as it is with unglittery polish, but it does go faster than with nail polish remover. Some nails went off whole, those with the most glitter came off in chunks, since the glitter is not as flexible and therefore can’t be pulled off like a sticker. Still, the removal is the big upside of the peel-off base. The big downside is the lasting power. Not only does it wear off easily (after all it is made to NOT stick on your nail) but this time around I felt that it shrunk after application, giving the impression of early tip wear. The base coat is good if the mani isn’t supposed to last longer than a day or two. Longer than that, all bets are off. Also, this time there was definitely staining on my nails. Luckily a soft staining in coral makes my nails look healthier. 😉

Another thing is that my nails are a little less likely to break at the moment. I don’t know if this can be attributed to the use of his base coat, which makes it unnecessary to use remover, but maybe it’s worth trying out if you have problem nails and want to wear nail polish.


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