DaVinci Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer Powder

DaVinci Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer Powder


These pots of powder pigment came in my Glossybox. I’m not the biggest fan of loose pigment; it gets everywhere. But those two aren’t so bad.


Shown: Da Vinci Cosmetics  Mineral Shimmer Powder; colors are Earth and Lava. The Glossybox description said they could be used as anything, on your body or as a blush and so on. I’d rather not use lava as a blush, though.


left: Earth, right: Lava


A close up of the gorgeousness that is Earth. The swatch was meant to be way smaller; a little of the powder goes a long way. I always end up with too much on the brush. Lightly applied it makes for a nice highlighter, it’s also a great color for eye shadow.


Swatch of both Lava and Earth in the shade. Lava is a dark reddish brown with very strong teal shimmer. Sadly the camera didn’t pick it up properly.


Swatch in sunlight.

Considering the colors I think their best use is as eye shadow. At first I put them on top of my MAC eye primer, but they didn’t last very long. The eye primer has a very powdery finish and frankly might not be that good of an eye primer either. So I decided to put them on a stickier base. Applied on top of MAC Paintpot in Painterly they last all day well into the evening. They are not waterproof, however, so they can wash off easily. Since it’s loose pigment I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with contacts or sensitive eyes, at least not as eye shadow. They can be mixed into anything else as well, but I’m way too lazy for that. Also, sadly Lava looks redder on my lids, making me look sick. I have this problem with a lot of browns, sadly.



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