Chanel haul: Rouge Coco & Illusion D’Ombre

Chanel haul: Rouge Coco & Illusion D’Ombre


Since the Chanel lipstick lineup is being changed, there was some Chanel stuff on sale. So I picked up these lovely things, lest they be gone forever!

Pictured above: Rouge Coco in 35 Chintz (left) and 38 Superstition (right), underneath Illusion D’Ombre in 90 Convoitise



top: Superstition, then Chintz, bottom is Convoitise.

Superstition is a nude with soft golden shimmer, Chintz a coral with no noticeable shimmer. Both lipsticks are creamy and soft, the colors are not completely opaque on me, unless I really pack it on.

Convoitise is this soft gold that I can never say no to. It comes in the famous consistency of Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre, which I find hard to describe. It is not like other cream shadows, it’s more like mousse, but not airy, quite solid. I could poke it all day. Moving along. The color can be worn very light or more opaque. I tried to show it in the picture, with the left part of the line containing more product than the right.


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