Foundations and Break Outs

Foundations and Break Outs

I was completely unable to take pictures lately, due to the nasty weather. *shakes fist* Instead I would like to talk a little about my opinion on acne and makeup, inspired by this awesome video here:

Do MAC Foundations cause break outs?
And okay, why is wordpress not letting me embed? This is annoying why do you have a html editor that doesn’t allow proper html.

I agree with pretty much everything he says here, especially on the subject of studies. I don’t even know how studies on makeup are made, but samples are always very small it seems. And how do you even validate a study on foundation? Is there a control group? You can’t very well give them a makeup placebo, how would that even work?

On the topic of MAC: I guess it’s true what he says that MAC simply gets more attention and therefore more people saying it breaks them out. But I would also like to add that I do have a MAC primer that I suspect breaks me out. Here’s the thing, though: That primer is super long lasting and smoothes pores over. This makes it hell to remove. It just sticks on and on. I suspect their foundations might be similarly long lasting and that would be what might cause break outs. Anything that doesn’t get removed completely will cause your skin to break out, no matter the brand.

I currently use a BB Cream that is very easy to remove, yet I still cleanse my face about five times or more until the wipe comes away white as snow. Anything that lasts very long or is waterproof will require more cleansing than that or special removers. Using that MAC primer means I have to exfoliate more. So what I mean to say is, the brand does not matter, the longevity of the product does; and wearing makeup requires a lot of removal in general.

That said, I would like to add one more thing that he doesn’t address in this video, and that is allergies. If you have unclear skin you may or may not also have (undetected) allergies, but I swear when my allergy acts up, I break out. A heavier break out could be completely unrelated to a new product you’re using. OR you may have an allergic reaction to that new product and that’s what causes the break out. The only product I’ve had such a reaction to so far was by Bobbi Brown and probably connected to the high concentration of essential oils in the foundation. I am so glad I put a drop of the store tester to my arm instead of letting the counter lady paint my face.
Counter ladies always go like, nooo you can’t color match to your arm! But that’s not what I’m doing when I put a foundation to the inside of my arm in a store. I’m testing for allergic reactions!

Also, I know this guy and Lisa Eldridge and everyone and their mum always say ask for samples, but I’ve yet to get samples in my skin tone when I ask for them. Packaged samples always come in darker colors and often they refuse to give me something from the tester in their store, offering to paint my face right then instead. But that is not what I want due to the allergy story. Gladly I will not need a foundation anytime soon, but then I’ll bring my own little containers for sample sizes and if they refuse I’m just not buying their stuff.


4 thoughts on “Foundations and Break Outs

  1. Yes i always want samples of foundations before i try them first and end up with the same thing, we’ll put it on your face now instead. I asked YSL and she said they don’t give out samples. Its all well and good Lisa Eldridge saying go into store with your own mini pot and ask them to fill it. I get looked at with complete contempt when i ask for a sample lol. As for MAC, one of the big reasons that i don’t wear a great deal of their products is because i generally get completely ignored when i walk into any of their shops, and i have never had any types of samples off them ever. I do love the studio finish concealer though. haha rant over


    1. Some brands clearly have an “absolutely no samples” policy. 😦

      With MAC I’ve been very lucky. They’ve only ever ignored me when the store was full, like when the new christmas collection came out or similar.* Otherwise they are always super helpful and very good at finding the right colors. Samples are a no-no though, same with Bobbi Brown.
      The studio finish concealer is the concealer to end all concealers! No other has lived up it imho. But it was the first concealer I ever bought so I’m totally biased, haha.

      *It probably depends on the management though and will differ from place to place. Also I mostly shop friday mornings which is a slow time and leads to bored counter girls/boys.


  2. Yes, i am so not into the no samples policy. Even high street products can be found in magazines for free. These companies can afford to make sachets, even if its not a tube. I noticed Dior have gone really tight with their samples and Chanel are getting less and less. At one point, i could go to the Chanel counter every week and get a new sample. I think the other sad shame is that i built up a very good rapport with the Dior SA and she would always hand me samples even if i wasn’t buying, she was promoted to regional makeup artist and the new girl is a bit unapproachable and not so friendly, always trying the hard sell, very annoying.


    1. And I don’t understand why they do it. There are so many foundations out there, why should I buy yours? Without testing it? I’d do that only with a cheap one, so there’s not much money lost if it doesn’t work.


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