essence peel off base coat

essence peel off base coat

As I mentioned here, I was trying out the peel off base coat by essence.

How does it work?

You put on a layer of base coat. It goes on white, you wait until it has dried clear, then you put your nail polish on top. You’re not supposed to get warm water on your hands three hours afterwards, which I promptly forgot. But it was working well enough.


With this base coat, you get no chipping. Instead, the polish might lift a little on the edges after some time. If it does you can grab it and peel it off. If it doesn’t you can still get it off anytime, you simply wiggle around the edges of your polish until it lifts. You can easily peel it off, nothing stays on the nail (unless you get colored polish in parts where you had no base coat, of course. You can see a tiny bit of color in front of my nail here where this happened). It seems like the whole affair never really stuck to the nail at all, so there is no damage to the nail. You don’t even need to peel it off the way you would with a sticker, it goes almost on its own. This also means it does not last as long as a normal manicure. I noticed differences depending on the polish though. Essie Wicked came of more easily than OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, which also means that an OPI only manicure would have lasted longer.


The whole thing came off like this.


Holding the bottle with my unpolished-again nails. You can see there is no discoloration from the dark color either (although I am not 100% sure if Royal Rajah Ruby on my ring finger might not have stained a little. It looks a tiny bit more pink than the others in real life, so don’t take “it does not stain” as gospel truth).

So, to my surprise it works exactly like it said on the bottle. I thought it might be a little more difficult to get everything off, but the majority of my nails came off in one piece. The big upside is that you need absolutely no nail polish remover and you can pick the polish off any time you feel like. This was also a little downside for me, cause I could not help constantly worrying at my nails until I had it all off. Peeling this off is way too much fun to me. Even without that I don’t think it would last as long as a normal mani with base and top coat. That makes it perfect if you want to change your nails a lot, or want them only painted for one night for example. I’ll certainly try this with glitter polish next, seeing as removing those is the most work.

All in all, well worth the 2,25€ I paid for it.


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