Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss

Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss

Sorry for the lull, I’ve been busy with non-makeup related things, but there is still a ton of posts I want to make, so this is not abandoned at all!

Today I’d like to talk about a great stain:


pictured: Maybelline super stay 10h tint gloss.The colors are Forever Coral (on the left) and, uh, Forever Fuchsia, I think (sorry I removed the sticker. Maybelline! Put the color name on the actual product!)


The applicator looks like gloss applicators, but wider. The products smells strongly of bubblegum.


swatches: applied fresh, left Coral, right Fuchsia.


swatches: rubbed in with a finger for a proper stain.

Like the name tint gloss shows, it is supposed to tint your lips in the color. The product is certainly not a gloss in the sense that it does not leave lips glossy and sticky at all. It feels like I have nothing on, which is a great plus imho. The color can be worn more subtle than shown in the picture if only a small drop is used and smeared over the lips, or it can be worn really strong.

Well, does it really last 10 hours?

Yes, under the condition that you do not eat in the time and drink very carefully. It also depends on how much you put on originally. If you eat, it wears off, but slowly and evenly. It might survive the first meal. Even if it wears off, there is still a soft trace of the color left. It is certainly not like that horrible 24h gloss also by Maybelline that wears off on the inside of the mouth, but clings disgustingly in small folds.

Due to the fact that it is very long lasting, one needs to be careful with application. If you get it somewhere it is not supposed to be, it will not go off! This applies to any finger pad you use for rubbing the product in, too. And probably any brush/sponge you’d use for application. This tint gloss is here to stay!

All colors in this range come without any kind of shimmer. Sadly the color range is very small and only comes in very intense colors. But they are worth checking out.


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