YSL Rouge Pure Shine, Ombres Duolumieres

YSL Rouge Pure Shine, Ombres Duolumieres

I’ve decided to switch my favorite lipstick of jan/feb (YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Rose Lyrique) for a more springy version: YSL Rouge Pure Shine in Rose Boheme. I double checked, they are indeed named Rouge Pur Couture and Rouge Pure Shine. Way to not be confusing here…


Okay, the packaging is pretty cool, even for an all gold case.


Pictured: YSL Rouge Pure Shine in Rose Boheme (Bohemia Rose, 16), sheer lipstick with SPF 15 (for comparison: Rouge Pur Couture doesn’t list any SPF)


Swatch in direct sunlight

Like the name implies it is shiny and glossy; however the color payoff is stronger than I expected from something called “sheer”. That’s great! The finish and lasting power is comparable to the Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine, but it goes on even more buttery. I am highly tempted to use this instead of any lip balm, seeing as it even has SPF.

While I was already swatching I decided to add my only YSL eye shadows:


Aren’t they gorgeous? They look even better in real life. These are the YSL Eye Shadow Duo in Golden Pink/Precious Bronze. I’d call them a dusty pink with the most pretty golden accent and olive with the same golden accent. Sadly, the colors are stronger in the pan.


Swatch in the sunlight: you can see the shimmer in the pink and also that it is a very light pink.


Swatch in the shade. These aren’t super pigmented like for example MAC shadows. But I like them anyway, they are perfect for the office or when you are in a hurry and can’t spend any time with blending, because they blend perfectly. They give a soft wash of color, a little definition, stay all day and since they’re so light there is no (visible) creasing. I use the pink on the lid and the olive in the crease and as a soft liner above and underneath the eye. And nothing else on the eyes other than mascara.

Still, next to the “sheer” lipstick they look almost invisible. 😐


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