All used up

All used up

Another month, another round of products I used up:


Essence Nail Polish Remover, acetone-free


Cheap and effective. The only downside I can think of is the fake strawberry&vanilla smell, not because it was bad, but because it made me want to lick it. Bad idea, do not do this at home, kids! But it smells so yummy. 😦


Clinique rinse-off eye makeup remover

The bottle is electric blue and the smell is – medical? Like all Clinique products it is free of perfume, but the scent of the product itself was intense. It did not smell like anything you would put on your eyes on your own free will. Mind you, it removes makeup properly and never irritated my eyes or something, yet the smell made me cringe. I am not going to repurchase this or any other eye makeup remover since from now on I will use the same stuff all over. And that will be whichever micellaire tonic I have near.


Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil miracle shampoo


This is a silicone-free shampoo with Argan oil in it. It came in my glossybox a couple of months ago and I have used it since. My hairdresser immediately noticed that something was different with my hair and asked about it. When I showed her this she said that since it makes my hair so soft I was not to use any conditioning product or anything of the sort, as it would be too much. Well, in my books that makes it quite the winner: use shampoo, rinse, use NO OTHER PRODUCT, done! It is certainly a lazy people product. XD It might not be the shampoo for you if you style your hair a lot, since it makes hair so soft and glossy the hair might not hold up.


And last: Kamill Handpflege Konzentrat (hand care concentrate)


This was like a soothing balm on my abused wintery skin. The high concentration of urea probably helped with that. The scent is sweet in a nice and understated way, not like some hand creams that practically knock your nose out every time you use them. The only downside to this product is that it’s so small and used up very fast. But then, not everyone uses as much hand cream as I do.


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