All used up: Cowshed, Kanebo Sensai, Lancome, Lacoste

All used up: Cowshed, Kanebo Sensai, Lancome, Lacoste

Time for another used up post; I will terribly miss most of these:


The one I’m not going to miss: Cowshed cow pat moisturizing hand cream. It came in my glossybox a few months ago. Seeing as the last used up post featured two hand creams, I guess you can say I go through hand creams like underwear, only sadly you cannot revitalize hand cream by throwing it into the washing machine. /overly weird metaphor

Anyway I was glad seeing hand cream in my glossybox, since I need so much of it. However…


List of ingredients. Doesn’t look too bad, but I felt like it didn’t help my skin at all. It was very cold here the last few weeks and with this my skin cracked. Unamused. The smell was pretty annoying too. It’s probably the coriander. I severely dislike coriander. And unlike with other products whose smell I didn’t like at first, I didn’t grow used to it! Meh, let’s get to nicer products.


Lacoste Pour Femme Body Cream. This also came in a glossybox and unlike the previous product this was a full win! Note this is not the body lotion for their newest perfume, Eau de Lacoste, but the older Pour Femme. The scent I would call pleasant, sporty and never overpowering. I love it to bits and pieces. This was so far the only glossybox product that got me to buy something related (the matching shower gel).


The ingredients don’t even look all that great, but my skin felt moisturized and whole these months, so whatever. I even started using it on my hands after the above product turned out to be troublesome.


Kanebo International Sensai Cellular Perfomance Emulsion II Moist Another glossybox product, a tester of glorious 30ml. Ingredients aren’t listed at the back, so I forgot what was in it. Silk, I believe. This is a very rich face cream and has lasted for months. It lead a brave battle against my dry skin in the winter cold.


Last, but not least, one product that didn’t come in any box: Lancome Eau Micellaire Doceur. This is the bigger 400ml bottle.


It’s a typical micellaire type cleanser, suitable for face, eyes and lips. The description says it’s for all skin types, even sensitive. I say “especially for sensitive skin”. You use only the product for taking make up off your face, no water. And boy, does it make a difference on sensitive skin if you don’t need any water. I wasn’t even aware how much my skin was aggravated by water before I switched to the micellaire type cleanser. I will always purchase these cleansers now, but I am switching the brands around (currently using the cheaper La Roche Posay). Lancome’s micellaire has a rose scent, that’s the only negative thing I could list. Face products don’t need scent imo, but I don’t think it hurt my skin either. I liked the pump a lot, very useful. At the end you can unscrew the cap and get the rest out this way.


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