Mini haul: OPI Nail Envy & Avoplex; Chanel Stylo Yeux (Beryl) & Joues Contraste (Ultra Rose)

Mini haul: OPI Nail Envy & Avoplex; Chanel Stylo Yeux (Beryl) & Joues Contraste (Ultra Rose)

My nails were damaged lately and so I was looking for help. I ended up at the OPI booth (of course) and saw this lovely package:


OPI Nail Envy Original plus a free OPI Avoplex! Two helpers for the price of one. Let’s hope they really do help. I’d have never bought a cuticle oil (Avoplex in this case) on its own, but now that I’ve used it – it smells so good! I have no clue if it helps, yet I am going to keep on using it for the smell.

And then I made the mistake of crossing over to Douglas, who had a 50% off stand out… and I found this:


Pictured: Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Beryl 102 and Joues Contraste in Ultra Rose 74.


Beryl changes the color on the photos, this was the closest to real I could get. Anyway, so I picked this up and said to the counter girl, but isn’t this the current collection? And she said: “Yes, but we’re throwing all the collection out, plus some older stuff.” and I looked around the table and yep. All the stuff, 50% off.

When I recovered from fainting I was clutching this waterproof eyeliner and the blusher. And then I told myself, no two items are enough. Be strong. But now I really wish I’d have also taken some lipstick and some other brands. 😦


Ultra Rose really is ultra pink.


Swatches: Eyeliner on top, blusher underneath.

The eyeliner really is waterproof, I’ve been trying to remove it from my arm all afternoon. I’ve been looking for this eyeliner for a while, it was mostly sold out. When it wasn’t I was oohing and aahing, but a barely visible liner for so much money? No, thanks.

I still can’t believe they had it on sale.

Here‘s a video of Lisa Eldridge applying the Stylo Yeux Waterproof. I’m so going to appropriate this look for work!


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