Clarins haul: Stick Anti-Cernes, Eclat Minute Blush

Clarins haul: Stick Anti-Cernes, Eclat Minute Blush


This is the Concealer Stick (Stick Anti-Cernes) by Clarins, shade 01. The packaging claims it’s for both under eye concealing and for blemishes.

It is creamy, but under the eyes it still ends up in fine creases. I found it to be pretty good for blemishes, though.


Instant light blush (Eclat Minute Blush), also by Clarins in the colors Coral Tonic and Vitamin Pink.

Don’t they just look super yummy? I think these were part of last year’s spring collection and as such probably discontinued. I hope Clarins make more of these because I love them. At the same time I hope they won’t make more, because else I’d have to buy them all! They are liquid blushes and come with a doe foot applicator, much like lip glosses, but bigger. You put a tiny bit on your cheek and then blend with your finger. They are easy to blend, perfect to put on in a hurry.

On to swatches:


Top left: the concealer worked into the skin, pretty much invisible. Top right: the concealer as it comes straight from the stick.

Bottom left: Coral Tonic; Bottom right: Vitamin Pink


The blushes blended out. Here the pink looks stronger, but as you can see in the other pic, it depends on where the light is.


Pic with me turned around so the sun hits from the other side. I think you can see that both colors are strong on the shimmer. They are blusher/highlighters. I only wear them on gloomy, rainy days; for one because they make me happy, but also because in direct sunlight they make you look a lot like a blushing Edward Cullen.


Coming up next: review of Dior’s new BB Cream.

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