OPI in Get Your Number

OPI in Get Your Number

Oh dear, I feel like such a meme sheep right now. But here I am, showing you my pic of OPI‘s liquid sand finish “Get your Number” out of the Mariah Carey collection. Müller’s just got them this week and suddenly I found myself thrusting several bottles of nail polish at the cashier.


Pic taken in the shade. I really just slapped this on with no care at all. The brush is great, the formula is great but a bit sheer. After two coats the nail line is still visible. Dry time is fast imho and since you’re not supposed to put on a topcoat, you’re done in no time. Unless you’re like me and keep on accidentally wiping it off your pinky finger. I found this polish doesn’t make dents when you touch something as much as it completely wipes off when it’s still wet. That’s why I am wearing two and a half coats on my left pinky (not pictured) and I think it looks even better than with two. So, next time I’ll do three coats.

You can easily tell when it’s mostly dry, since it dries to a matte finish.

And now I’ll be staring at it for the rest of the day. So much for being productive today. Curse you, OPI! *shakes fist*


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