clinique cream shaper, s-he stylezone quick eye styler

clinique cream shaper, s-he stylezone quick eye styler

It’s the last entry of the year in my very young blog! Babyblog. Anyway, I have two eyeliner swatches, one super cheap and one not so cheap:

s-he stylezone quick eye styler in 001 black (unsmudgeable & suitable for contact lenses)
clinique cream shaper for eyes in 05 chocolate lustre


I bought the s-he liner at DM, I don’t even know if it is available anywhere else. It was so super cheap, less than 2€ I had to have it. and after I tried it, I bought all the other colors they had as well (dark blue, teal and violet). It’s a felt tip liquid liner. The clinique one is obvioulsy a pencil. /Captain Obvious


Squiggly eye liner lines on my wrist. On top the black liquid liner with different intensity. At least I tried. It says “wischfest” on the liner (=unsmudgeable) and boy is this true. I’m very much the smudgy eye liner person, but this stays on the way you draw it and that’s the end of it. I tried to smudge the middle line that was already thicker than the others, but it wouldn’t budge. However, my finger was slightly grey afterwards. That’s the only problem I have with these liners, they stay super well, but they also bleed onto the upper lid and it’s practically impossible to get off again. I solve this by applying eye shadow in a similar color onto the crease. The liner holds very well, but you can get it off with normal make up remover.

The two lower lines are from the clinique pencil. One unsmudged line and then a very smudged one. This one is truly super creamy and therefore very easy to apply, and easy to smudge (here with my finger but on my lid I use a cotton bud). The unsmudged line goes off very easily, but the smudged one holds like whoa! It was the only one I had trouble washing off with soap after this swatch. Applied to my lid it stays where it should until I take it off. It’s a gorgeous chocolate with a subtle shimmer, you can see that easier in the direct sunlight pic:


All in all I like both a lot, the s-he one may bleed around (the line itself always stays perfect it’s just that you get spots in your crease if you make a thicker line. My mum has the same liner and only makes super thin lines and never has this problem) but it’s just so damn cheap!

A happy new year to all!

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