MAC Cubic Blush


Let’s take a step back from all the LE stuff to appreciate a blush in MAC‘s permanent range: the powder blush in Cubic.


MAC describes the color as a “soft, muted rose”. I would add that it’s very muted.


Swatch. This pic looks pretty true to color to me. This blush is what I reach for when I want a very natural finish. Only a hint of color on the cheeks, but not really anything pink. In my opinion this is the perfect “red head” color. It looks amazing on pale faces. I’m not sure it would show up much on skin darker than NC 20, though.

MAC calls the finish satin, but it looks completely matte to me. The blush is finely milled and easy to apply, and lasts about eight hours on me.


Color comparison: on top powder blush in Cubic, underneath Cremeblend blush in Brit Wit (and under that Cremeblend blush in Something Special). You can see Brit Wit is a similar color, but a lot more intense. Cubic is a very subtle thing.

OPI Jinx


Jinx is a liquid sand shade from a past OPI Collection. It’s a pinky coral that always pulls a little redder in pics than it is. It is full of golden glitter, which is also a little hard to photograph.


This out of focus pic captures the shimmer and color a little better. Depending on the light Jinx seems more pink or more orange.

In these pics I am wearing two coats and no top coat. One coat would have been enough, I just wanted the color stronger. Quality and application are flawless.

The grittiness and the golden shimmer make me feel like a holiday decoration. XD If the color were redder, it would be a perfect Holiday shade.

MAC Extra Dimension Shadow Stolen Moment


MAC‘s current Holiday Collection includes some permanent products (like the Prunella eyeliner and the Rebel lipstick) and some repromotes. This eyeshadow, Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Stolen Moment, was part of a previous LE, and is now included in the Keepsakes Brown Eye Bag.



The Extra Dimension shadows have such a pretty design. Mine is of course already a little destroyed from use. :(


Swatch! Stolen Moment is a dark brown with typical Extra Dimension shimmer. The brown is more on the cool side.


Out of focus pic to show the multi-colored shimmer better. Click to enlarge.

This eyeshadow goes on super creamy and well pigmented. Shown above is only one swipe. Extra Dimension shadows are powder shadows, but with an almost gel-like texture. I find them very easy to apply. However, lasting power suffers. As always, these things depend on eyelids and primers, but I can’t get it to stay creaseless for longer than two hours. :( But the shimmer is sooo pretty, the pics don’t do it justice.

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour

Yes, Lidl, as in the German grocery discounter chain.


Shown: Suddenly Madame Glamour EdP 50 ml.

Lidl is known for having very good knock off perfumes. Madame Glamour, for example, is none other than Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I tested them and I cannot tell them apart. So I bought the Lidl variant for € 3,99. :)

And yes, this is in fact perfectly legal. You see, names and brands are trademarked, bottle shapes can be protected, brand new molecules may be patented, but a smell in and on itself can not be put under legal protection. Believe me, they tried. Someone wanted to get “the smell of grass” trademarked. GRASS! You see it’s better for everyone involved (except maybe evil companies) that smell is unprotected by immaterial property law.

So if I created Chanel No 5 in my own lab and then sold it in No 5 bottles and claimed to be Chanel, that would be fraud. But using the same juice and a different bottle and calling it “Eau de Dandygal” is a-ok. (Lidl’s variant of No 5 is called Woman I btw).

I’m sure this is why some perfume bottles have these unusual shapes. And this was your legal lesson for today. Damn, now I really want an Eau de Dandygal.


Back to the perfume at hand:

If you know what Coco Mademoiselle smells like you can stop reading here. :) It starts with a burst of citrus. Usually I don’t like a perfume because of the bergamot, I like it despite of it. But here I absolutely love the citrus opening. Very delightful. Sadly it lasts only a moment before the flowers set in. But these are not the massive flowers we know from the current trend. It smells elegant and classic to me, never too loud. A little bit old fashioned maybe. This stage lasts for a few hours. The drydown is pretty herbal, a little musky, very sexy to me (ymmv). The perfume lasts all day, on clothes even longer. I think this is the perfect anti-gourmand.


Ingredients of Suddenly Madame Glamour.


In a nutshell:

1. If you have a local Lidl, do check out the perfume selection. Cheap != bad.

2. Coco Mademoiselle is a delight in a sea of sugary perfume.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Tumultous Pink

A while ago Estee Lauder put out a new range of permanent lipsticks. I heard they were good, but the Estee Lauder counter always looks so unappealing and boring. I think they could really profit from a good redesign. Also, the colors on the plastic caps of the lipsticks look terrible. And while I’m at it, they should also shorten the product names.

But once you get past all that, you’ll find some truly amazing things. (I swear Estee Lauder is not paying me nor are they holding me at gun point ;) )


Like this Lipstick in the color Tumultous Pink 240.


I love a good bright pink. This one is in between pink and berry. Raspberry, I guess.


Comparison reveals I have nothing like it.  Click to enlarge.

Shown up there from top to bottom: Estee Lauder Tumultous Pink, Astor Unguilty Pleasure, a similar color but much sheerer (well it is supposed to be a balm), Chanel L’Exuberante, probably my favorite color since I compare absolutely everything to it. Tumultous Pink is darker and bluer. Underneath is YSL Fuchsia Fetiche, a color I’m rarely seen without these days. I think it’s most similar to Tumultous Pink, but lighter, more neon. And then two more drugstore products that look red next to the others, but I assure you they are pink: Rimmel Rose Passion and Maybelline 10h Stay Tint Gloss.

All my berries are way more violet and therefore not included. Rose Perfecto and Rose Boom are much more subdued, so also not included.

The lipstick contains no shimmer, but it’s not completely matte either. The formula is very nourishing, the ingredients list reads more like a moisturizer. It also contains hyaluron, which is supposed to plump your lips up. (I can’t say if it truly does.) Despite this, the lipstick is also very long lasting. Usually you have to sacrifice moisture for longevity and the other way around. I don’t know how they do it. Black magic, perhaps. The lasting power is comparable to YSL’s The Mats, meaning the stain lasts all day on me.

Despite the moisturizing ingredients, don’t mistake this for a balm. It’s a lipstick and it certainly won’t leave you with more moisture than you started with.

I am really amazed by all the awesome lipsticks lately.

Chanel Holiday: Stylo Yeux Waterproof Or Blanc

As a fan of Chanel‘s Stylo Yeux Waterproof I had to take a look at the one featured in their 2014 Holiday Collection. I feared it might be too white, but when I saw it in person I had to have it.


I apologize for the pictures. The light has been terrible. But here it is, Or Blanc 987 against a creamy white background. You can see it is not too white, but very pale.


Swatch. It pretty much matches my skintone.


Comparison swatch. On top, Stylo Eyeshadow in Cool Gold 17. This eyeshadow was part of Chanel’s summer collection 2013. It’s mostly here to show you how light the liners are in comparison. Cool Gold is already a light color, nowhere near Vision.

Underneath Or Blanc, Beryl and Or Rose.

Or Blanc has a perfect creamy consistency. It is like Khaki Percieux in the way it glides on so easily. Beryl for example is more stubborn.

Obviously Or Blanc is perfectly suited to the waterline and I like it there. It’s almost invisible, but not quite. But I also use it as a liner on my upper lid and I think it looks pretty cool. I also don’t think only pale faces can wear it. I’m sure you’ve all seen the Hunger Games; gold eyeliner can be a striking feature. It also works as a highlight on the inner eye.


The rest of the Collection didn’t call my name. The Camelia highlighter is wonderful, but I know I couldn’t bear to use it, it is too pretty. The quality of the eye palette is good, but not outstanding. The blush is very light, mostly a peachy highighter. The Illusion d’ombre is also a light glittery peach. It might be different to Emerveille, but not that different. The red lipstick La Flamboyante is wonderful and in the usual great quality of a Rouge Allure Velvet but it’s a repromote and also I’m afraid it might make teeth look yellow. And I’m not a collector of Chanel nail polishes, even though Phenix is a pretty red.

So this liner was my personal must have. What are yours?

MAC Keepsakes Studio Brush Kit

The MAC Keepsakes Holiday Collection includes three brush sets, the studio set, a mineralize set (those are the duofibre brushes), and a third set with two-sided brushes. I chose the studio brush kit, since it had brushes I already wanted.


Some say the Heirloom Mix/Keepsakes Collection has a cheap looking design. Honestly, I think it’s very pretty.


Brushes included: 190SE Foundation brush, 129SE Powder/Blush brush, 209SE Eye Liner brush, 213SE Fluff brush and 224SE Tapered Blending brush

The SE brushes are shorter than the regular ones, also they don’t always have the same type of bristles as the regular ones. But the bristles in the fluffy eye brushes and the blush brush here are the same as in the regular MAC 217 brush. I haven’t tried these yet, but I was very happy with my eye brush set from last year. I’m sure these are lovely too.


The bag holds these brushes, and then some. Very useful and I like that the bags are long enough for regular size brushes as well. Last year’s bag holds most of my brushes that aren’t in heavy rotation.

The MAC Holiday collection has a lot of pretties included. Luckily there are quite a few things from the regular lineup (like the eyeliners and many eyeshadows in the kits). I really like the Viva Glam lip palette and also the Keepsakes lip bag with Ruby Woo in it. If only money grew on trees.

L’Oreal Beige Trench


Today I have a drugstore eyeshadow quad for you: L’Oreal Beige Trench. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t written about it before, I’ve had it for quite a while.


It’s a quad with sort of neutral colors, but since they are all high in shimmer, I wouldn’t call them nude.


Swatch. There’s a dark brown, a goldenish beige, a bronze and a beige so light it looks almost white. The colors can be used in many combinations, but again, they are all very shimmery.


For comparison, here’s the YSL Palette Fetiche again.


Fetiche swatches on their own.


And Fetiche as dots next to the Beige Trench swatches. Three colors are pretty similar. The biggest difference is in the dark brown, since L’Oreal is so shimmery it looks lighter. Still, I think for those three colors Beige Trench is an okay dupe. Qualitywise it can’t keep up with Fetiche, of course. The L’Oreal quad applies okay, but the glitter feels gritty on my lids, there is fall out, and it only lasts a few hours without creasing on me. But if you’re looking for a nice bronze and some additional colors, this palette is a good start.

Mini Haul

Does it count as haul if you buy one item but get a bag of goodies?


Because if I’m going to break the bank on Lancome‘s Advanced Genifique I’ll certainly do it with extreme couponing and get the most of it. :)

In the back: silver Lancome Bag. I can get all of the pictured items in and then some.

In the front: samples of Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, Lancome Visionnaire, Lancome Dreamtone Shade 2, Schwarzkopf essence ultime conditioner.

Then the purchased item, Lancome Genifique and next to it a 300 ml pot of Soap & Glory Butter Yourself. There was also a body scrub but my mum stole it.


All Used Up October 2014

I can’t believe another month has gone by! I’ve just been typing up the last empties post…


Dolce & Gabbana the one Desire: this is a flanker to their perfume “the one”. Desire is a rich gourmand (a perfume smelling like dessert). I have a hate/love relationship with gourmands: I don’t like them, but then sometimes I really want to wear one. I always need at least one in my perfume wardrobe (luckily since they are on trend there are enough samples to choose from). And you could certainly do a lot worse than Desire. To me, Desire smells like cashmere sweaters and a rich dessert. Warm and cozy. I’m not getting sexy or skanky from it, but the skank might be in the dosage. For me, one spritz of this was enough for the whole day. It lasts very well on skin.


Biotherm Biomains: hand cream. It’s nice and rich, sadly no SPF. Has a sort of flowery scent.


List of ingredients.


dermalogica overnight clearing gel: This is similar to LRP effaclar duo, but just gentle enough for me to use all over my face. I still got about a week’s worth of use out of it, and I think it’s pretty good. My skin certainly looked a lot better after that week. I wouldn’t buy a full size mostly because it smells strongly of rosemary and thyme and while that’s at least a nice reprieve from floral smells I felt a bit like I was preparing myself for Hannibal Lecter, yaknow?


Balea Arztseife: my favorite soap; gentle and scent-free.


Rexona deo stick: I’ve yet to see an unbiased scientific study about aluminium in cosmetics proving it’s actually harmful. Until then, I’ll keep using Rexona because it works.


Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme and Creme: First I thought gel creme would be for oilier skin and creme for dry skin. Then I saw in the description they’re both meant for dry skin, but in different seasons. So I thought october was the perfect testing month. Using gel creme first I was surprised it was called “gel” at all. It seems like a regular cream to me. Using creme afterwards I saw that it was richer than gel creme. I think creme has the better texture to use. Apart from that I think they are pretty much identical. They both have this typical Chanel skin care scent (or it might be just the hydra line. I havent tried any other line yet, but I had the serum before and it had the same smell). And apart from that scent, honestly, I got nothing. You can find much better skin creams at much cheaper price points. The only selling point is the smell. And I personally prefer scentless skin care. If I want to smell of Chanel, I’ll buy one of their many perfumes!


And this picture leads us over to our last items for this month:

Valentina and Valentina Assoluto by Valentino: Valentina is a thin flowery perfume. It does not have a high lasting power. When wearing only my usual two spritzes on skin I could not detect anything after 20 minutes. So for the rest of testing I put it on my clothes instead and that was when I started to smell the base. It smells like three days unwashed and trying to mask it with flowery perfume. Yuck. And I made sure this wasn’t me or my clothes.

Assoluto has a darker opening than Valentina, but after that they are pretty much the same, including the sweaty note. I don’t think me and the Valentinas are going to be friends. Dear coworkers, if you read this I swear I was showering! The things you do for your blog…


If it seems like I am using a lot more perfume than before I’m not. It’s just that before 2014 I didn’t include it in the posts because my whole vocabulary for it was “I like” and “I do not like”. :)