Givenchy Rouge Interdite Shine Rose Sensation


I picked the Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine in Rose Sensation 36 up on sale. It’s a light pink without much pigment; it’s supposed to react with the color of your lip to create a unique color (like the Dior Addict Lip Glow).


It’s not quite as neon as it looks here. Anyway, I took this baby home and then I could have kicked myself, don’t I already own something very similar?


Top: Still Rouge Interdit Shine in Rose Sensation, underneath Le Rose Relevateur de Liv in Lively Pink, also by Givenchy (and very well used; it’s still a big fav of mine when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick, but don’t want to look like a vampire either). Okay, the colors are not quite identical.


Swatches: Top is LIVely Pink, underneath Rose Sensation. That swatch was rather underwhelming, they do look very similar on the pic. I swear that in real life you could tell that Rose Sensation has pink shimmer, the other one has no shimmer at all. Both have the same glossy finish and the colors didn’t seem very different on my arm.

On my lips though, Rose Sensation gives off a stronger rose tone that I thought. I have to apply it with a little care, it’s not the sort of sheer lipstick you can just sweep across. LIVely Pink gives off a lighter yet still visible pink on my lips. Rose Sensation even lasted through a meal (well, the color, the glossiness wore off). Long story short, now I’m glad I picked Rose Sensation up.

For comparison to the Dior Addict Lip Glow, these Givenchy ones are why I was so underwhelmed by the Dior offering. Just check out the swatches in this post in comparison! And the Dior did not look any different on the lips, while these do, I swear.

Both lipsticks are nourishing the lips, too.

Sims 2 for free!

Hello everyone!

I’ve got a couple posts in the backlog, but I haven’t written them yet. I’m so sorry.

This is totally the fault of EA, they have released the Ultimate Sims 2 Collection for free and I fell into a sims shaped hole. XD If you want your own, you can get it on Here’s a how-to: Promo code will work until July 31th.

To make this a little less off-topic, did you know that the very first time I ever heard of Urban Decay and its Naked Palette was when someone made it into eyeshadow for sims? *nerd*

So, if you don’t hear from me for a while, this would be the reason. I hope you are all well.

Chanel Bel-Argus

After wearing a pastel lilac on my toes for a month I felt like getting some color down there:


That is two layers of Chanel Bel-Argus 667, no top. The first layer looked terrible, but the second evened it out. Bel-Argus is a shimmery dark blue, with a very subtle duo-chrome towards violet, although you barely get to see that. Bel-Argus was part of the 2013 summer collection.

Kiko Colour Shock & Skinny Fit

A brand new Kiko store opened its doors recently; I had to take a look.


I picked up these two items with their beautiful packaging; probably their summer collection? I got a color shock long lasting eyeshadow in 106 Custom Sugar Green and a skinny fit kajal in 02 (no added name).


Opened. They are both the most beautiful sea foam green. They had more normal colors too, but I’m at the stage where I try to only buy colors I don’t have yet. Both items were on sale (yep, the store opened with a sale), the eyeshadow cost 3 € and I forgot what the Kajal cost, but it was around the same amount.


Swatches! I dipped my finger into the eyeshadow pot and got out way too much product, which is why the swatch is so big. The eyeshadow has a mousse texture, it is much softer than the usual cream eyeshadows you get these days – it feels like whipped cream as opposed to the gel creams that are so common now. It’s called a long lasting shadow and yes, it does last very long. I needed so much makeup remover to get this swatch off again. On the eyes I did not notice any creasing throughout the day, the shadow got patchy after a while though (not terribly).

On my lid I used less product which made it sheerer than this swatch and when I tried to apply more I found that sweeping across makes it patchy as it drags the previous layer off again. The best way to apply is to gently pat it on. Apart from that I think this shadow is a winner and I wish I’d taken more neutral colors as well. They have a cream and a brown both with the most beautiful shimmers.

On to the kajal: The SA told me that this is not waterproof (they have waterproof pencils too, but only in normal eye pencil colors like black etc) and it really isn’t. This is interesting because it is explicitly sold as a product especially for the waterline – it says so right on the packaging! Yes it is super creamy and goes on without dragging. I don’t know about your waterline, but mine is watery. Two hours after application the kajal was all but gone and smudged a little underneath.

So my verdict is shadow yay, kajal nay. And it is even an extra long kajal, containing more product than the average. Sigh.

The eyeshadow can be used with an eyeliner brush to create a long lasting line, by the way.

My general verdict on Kiko is that they offer good prices. The cream eyeshadows give expensive ones a run for their money and I hope they are not limited/discontinued; that would be a shame.

MAC Chromagraphic Pencils


The Chromagraphic Pencils by MAC were part of the Playland Collection, but as MAC pro items they are available all year round.

My two colors here are Hi Def Cyan and Process Magenta.



They are creamy and pigmented. These are multi-use pencils, you can do whatever you want with them. Once they set, they last all day. Aka I had to use a lot of makeup remover to get rid of those hearts. XD Currently I am mostly using them as funky eyeliners.

Chanel Joues Contraste Vivacité


I was looking for a blush that goes well with my purple lipsticks, and I think I found it here: this is the Chanel Joues Contraste in 88 Vivacité. Vivacité was added to the line up along with another Joues Contraste, Canaille, with the Perfection Lumiere Velvet release.



Vivacitè is a pink leaning towards plum. It has a matte finish, no detectable shimmer. It’s also pretty pigmented and needs to be blended well. Even when applied with a light hand, it’s intense. This, like my beloved Ultra-Rose, is not for the faint of blush-heart. :) If you’re looking for something subtle, try Discretion instead.

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

Today I have a product that’s quite a mouth full, the By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum.


I guess you could call it a CC Cream/highlighter hybrid.


The colors are 1 Immaculate Light, 2 Rose Elixir, 3 Apricot Glow and 4 Sunny Flash.


All four colors on my arm. I switched Rose Elixir and Immaculate Light around (Rose Elixir is the uppermost color) because the lightest is often not very visible on my skin so I didn’t want it to be on the end. Joke’s on me because Immaculate Light ended up being more visible than Rose Elixir! You may have to tilt your screen to see both, though. Anyway from top to bottom: Rose Elixir, Immaculate Light, Apricot Glow and Sunny Flash.


In direct sunlight: Rose Elixir and Immaculate Light (and Apricot Glow right at the bottom)


Right at the top a bit of Rose Elixir, then Immaculate Light, Apricot Glow and Sunny Flash.

In real life, Apricot Glow was the least visible, the lighter ones were pretty stark, and Sunny Flash is obviously more a bronzer on me. But Apricot Glow is probably the most useful one for a wide range of skintones if the goal is to have a subtle all over face glow. The lighter two could be used all over if you’re pretty pale and the goal is Galadriel/Edward Cullen. The darkest one is pretty useful as a glowy bronzer for lighter skin tones, and as an all over glow/highlighter for dark skin tones.


All of these have a rose scent, typical for By Terry.

While I would consider this CC Lumi-Serum to be makeup, it is usually located with the skin care. This often happens with BB and CC Creams, nobody knows exactly where they belong so they are all over the place. :)

Little Drugstore & Body Shop Haul

I needed a few things and afterwards I accidentally also Body Shop. ;)


I picked up the Garnier Micellar Cleanser because my current bottle is about to run out (review with next used up post), waxing sheets from Balea and hair conditioner also from Balea. At the body shop I picked up a dry oil, the Cocoa Butter beautifying oil. The beautifying oil is available in most of their scents; I had a really hard time choosing. Then, because it was on sale, I also took the vineyard peach shower gel, because VINEYARD PEACH!!!

On a different topic, I’m so stoked for the world cup finale today! :D

All Used Up in June ’14


My first empty bottle in June was the BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier. Like, it ran out on June, 1st, just a day too late for my previous empties post. :| I’m still not sure what this thing actually is, it comes out as a golden conditioner-like cream, but it’s a leave in product. It contains argan oil and no silicones. It was very useful, since it was sort of conditioning the hair and giving a little volume as well and being a leave in product, it’s faster than something you have to wash out. I liked it and might buy a full size.


Diadermine Lift+ Hautverschönderndes Multi-Zonen Öl: This was a body oil in a spray bottle. At first I was super into it, it leaves the skin very soft. After a while it started to annoy me – the spray isn’t very directional and the oil ends up all over the place, including eyes and airways. :( Even when I put my hand right in front of the bottle, some of the oil ended up somewhere else. My mum also claims that the smell is terrible. Personally, I found the scent okay. But I wouldn’t buy another full size.


Clarins Creme Eclat du Jour/Daily Energizer Cream: I also have the matching facewash. The Daily Energizer line has a very lovely scent. This particular cream is very rich, I would only recommend it for dry skin. It moisturizes well, but I did not notice anything else. It’s a completely regular face cream, apart from the nice smell you can get something similar for less money.


Figs & Rouge Multi-Purpose Lip Balm Coco Rose: This was good. This was very good. I used it every day and it kept my lips soft and whole. The balm comes out a soft glossy pink with sparkle. This was pretty much the reason I did not use any lip gloss the last year. I’d just use this instead. I 100% recommend this, I only wish it had some sort of applicator or a better opening, because it comes out of the tube in a wide opening and I had to use my finger to apply.


Judith Williams Phytomineral Handcream: This a very rich hand cream with a thick texture in a bottle with a very small opening. Getting anything out is quite the muscle training. It was very good for my skin though. Operating touch screens is not possible after application, it needs a while to sink in.


Another Clarins, this time the Ultra Matte Rebalacing Lotion for oily skin: This is a lightweight mattifying cream. Despite being for oily skin, it did not feel drying on my cheeks. It’s the perfect summer face cream. It does mattify the skin, but if I used nothing else my nose would get shiny halfway through the day. There is also a version for combination skin, but since the version for oily skin has worked so well for me, I’d stick with it.


Daylong ultra sunscreen with SPF 25: I had several mini sizes and samples of this one. It goes on very lightweight and sinks into the skin fast. There is no greasy feeling afterwards. I could detect no scent, but the dog could (and kept on trying to lick it off). It comes out of the bottle yellow and while it hasn’t happened to me, it’s possible for this to stain clothes. Overall, it is a good product, but SPF 25 is too low for me. I also had one sample of the SPF 50 version for kids. That one has physical filters only (as kids sun screen always should) meaning that unlike the SPF 25, the 50 left a visible white cast on the skin. The texture of the SPF 50 was also harder to work in.

All in all, I would buy neither the SPF 25 nor the kids one, but I might check out their SPF 30 sunscreens sometime.


These were my June empties, if you made it down here, you get a virtual cupcake. :)

Guerlain Shine Automatique Rouge De Damas


These summer sales might be the death of me (or, more accurate, my wallet). So far I picked up a hand cream with SPF 50 by Alessandro, two  Chromatographic pencils by MAC, a nail polish and a lipstick by Guerlain. Today I only have swatches of the lipstick for you, other swatches will follow sometime later.


This is the Shine Automatique in Rouge de Damas 221 by Guerlain. The Shine Automatiques were added after the Rouge Automatiques as the shinier variant. You can see in the bullet that it has some sparkle.


Luckily it does not apply as uber sparkly. It’s a sheer red with shimmer. It’s sheer enough and the shimmer is subtle enough to make this classy instead of gaudy. It gives off more color than the average Rouge Coco Shine (except for some of the new ones which are very pigmented) and it’s easy to apply. It does not survive a meal, but it left a veeeery subtle stain. I didn’t notice it did until I took my makeup off but I guess it left me looking a little livelier. Also it wears off evenly, a huge plus in my books.

My wallet weeps but I’m glad I picked it up. Perfect summer red.