Fall Favorites

I was so eager for summer that I did my summer favorites post in spring. I meant to do the fall favorites at the beginning of september, but time flies. I was so eager for summer this year and then summer turned out to be two weeks of warmth and a whole lot of rain for the rest of the time. :( It feels like we’ve already had autumn since August. Maybe that’s why I am so very into the current Fall Collections…

Anyway here are my favorites for the season, not these products in particular, but the type they represent:


On top, an older YSL lipstick (you can tell by how the logo is divided), a blush by s-he, a Givenchy eye shadow, perfume by Narciso Rodriguez, a Maybelline lip pencil, a lip balm by Rodial, the body shop bronzer and Essie nail polish.


With the products open.

I put a lip balm in the selection because right when the temperatures sink I suddenly need a lot more balm for my lips. Rodial is what I’m currently using because it came in a beauty box, but any brand will do.

For nail polish I chose brown because almost every brand put brown in their fall collections. It’s this year’s trend color. I chose Essie Partner in Crime, but if you’ve seen my haul post you’ll know that by now I also own OPI How Great is your Dane? Brown nail polish is perfect because it’s warm and cozy and not too loud. Make sure it doesn’t clash with your skin tone before buying, though.

For perfume I chose Narciso Rodriguez for her EdT (pink packaging, black bottle), mostly because I was thinking of a day with crisp cold air, colored laves, fog at first but then the sun comes out. For really terrible weather I’d prefer something sweeter. for her is a clean chypre with lots of musk. To me it smells very buisness-like. I’m also cheating a little because for her is an all year round scent to me. I just felt like including it here.

I put the body shop bronzer in because it helps transition from summer bronze to no bronze. I have the lightest color 01 of four, but all of them are on the pale side of bronzer. If you can never find a good bronzer because you are so pale, do take a look at these. Those who are darker can probably use them all over. I am NC 15 in MAC and this bronzer barely shows up on me, so I mostly use it for contouring. Should I ever repurchase I’d take a darker shade.

For lips I chose my beloved YSL 42 Rose Lyrique and as alternative the new Maybelline Color Drama pencil in 310 Berry Much. (Review upcoming) I don’t stick to berry tones only, but I think they’re quite trendy this season. I mostly coordinate makeup with my clothes, so when it’s warm there’ll be a lot of coral and when it’s cold a lot more plum. I don’t even choose my clothes that way, it’s simply what’s being sold…

For eyes I put in the Givenchy eye shadow le prisme mono in 12 Casual Khaki. This is a stand in for all my bronzey-khaki items. I think the color goes well with plum and I love the way it looks. Givenchy’s le prisme mono are interesting eyeshadows because while it’s a single color, the quadrants differ in level of shimmer. There’s a matte part, two different shimmers and a glittery part. I think that’s pretty cool because you can reach for whatever suits you best and you can even make a whole look out of this alone. However I must admit I cannot tell the shimmery ones apart. Only the matte and the glittery are really distinctive to me. Usually I sweep all of them together and use the matte on its own for lining my lower lashes.

And last but not least, a powder blush by s-he. (That’s a cheap brand available at DM.) This is technically also cheating because it’s certainly a year-round item but I chose it because the color is so universal, it goes with everything. You can see I made a visible dent in the pan. The color is a dusty rose pink without shimmer. The picture pulls a little blue, it’s more neutral than that. Universally flattering, goes with everything. If you have only one blush, it should be like this. (I have a lot more blushes but I keep coming back to this one.)


These are my favorites for fall.

Thank you for reading. :) What are your picks for the season?


For a reason unknown to me, lots of stores had 20% off or 30% off yesterday and I went a little trigger happy:


I meant to buy shoes or a jacket, but the shoes weren’t in my size and the jacket was too short so what went home with me was:

OPI Little Northies: a mini selection of their Fall Collection. I liked pretty much all colors of the collection, but I couldn’t decide, so a selection was very helpful. Also, it’s not like I ever used up a full size bottle. Colors included are My Dogsled is a Hybrid (minty seafoam green), Do you have this Color in Stock-holm? (blueish purple), My Voice is a Little Norse (glitter), and How Great is your Dane? (Chocolate brown with a slight greyish tint). Swatches might take a while.


Back of the Little Northies pack.

I also picked up Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia, because I’ve been eyeing it for half a year and the SA said they put it on sale because they weren’t being restocked anymore. They also had Flora Nerolia on sale, which has been discontinued for years, but I didn’t take it because how much perfume can one person need? Back at home of course I really wanted it. :| (Review of Lys Soleia coming later)

And last I picked up two more items from YSL‘s Fall Collection: Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 208 Fuchsia Fetiche and Gloss Volupté Pure 210 Beige Nu. Last year I super into Chanel’s Fall Collection, this year I’m super into YSL. Reviews and swatches coming later. A preview:


Beige Nu is right at the bottom, Fuchsia Fetiche is second from top.

My Guerlain Quads

I was digging through my makeup drawers for an upcoming post and found my Guerlain quads, so I decided to make a post for all of them. Sadly, they were all limited editions.


I have three: On top you see 13 Capri from the lovely Emilio Pucci Collection with the nice darker packaging. Left is 10 Les Ombres de Nuit, which was part of a holiday collection I think, and bottom right is 503 Les Tendres from this year’s spring collection.


Swatches in the shade: first is Les Ombres de Nuit, then Les Tendres and last is Capri.


Swatches in direct sunlight.


Detail shot to show the mint of Les Tendres better (right on top).

They all have great quality and last a lot better on my lids than most eyeshadows. I’ve had Les Ombres de Nuit the longest, so it has seen the most use, but Les Tendres has proven to be incredibly wearable. The taupe (third color from top in the pic above) in it just goes with everything.

If you haven’t tried Guerlain eyeshadows yet, I highly recommend them. At the moment they have quads, duos and six color palettes (sixts?). They used to have monos, but they weren’t as good imho. However I have seen lots of the regular quads on sale the last few months, which could be a precursor to replacement. Many high end brands have replaced their quads or quints this year with better textures, but I do not know how you could make Guerlain quads better.

The autumn collection includes quads again, there’s a beautiful taupey/khaki one.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely week. There should be an autumn favorites post sometime soonish.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour

I have finally discovered the joy that is Chanel Les Beiges.


I did not mean to pick one up, but you know, bloggers and impulse control.


This is the Healthy Glow Multi-Color Powder in Nr 01. It is limited and was part of the Summer 2014 Collection. (I think. Chanel throws out so many Collections it is hard to keep track.) It comes in three parts, the regular Les Beiges in the middle and a highlighting plus a blush part.


There’s a stripe going across my wrist with all three colors swirled together, in case you can’t see anything here. I found that the three colors alone were impossible to photograph. I also found that the three swirled together all over my face gets the best result. Picking up only the lower two stripes or the pink alone didn’t make a great blush for me. I prefer my blush to be more visible. It is possible to make a very subtle blush/bronze/highlight, though.

The all over results are lovely. My makeup lasts longer and there is a sort of blurry effect that makes skin just better. It also has SPF 15, very helpful. All in all, I am now a convert to the Les Beiges line. However, the main interest of this palette, the three different colors, didn’t work out so great for me. I might just as well have bought the regular beige powder… So if you didn’t get this limited powder, don’t be sad, check out the rest of the Les Beiges line.


By the way, I’ve tried the new Vitalumiere Loose Powder at the counter. It has SPF 15 and gives light to almost medium coverage depending on how much you use. But putting on more than one light layer left a very powdery finish. I also managed to get the powder all over my black t-shirt. If loose powders are your thing, you should check them out, but I’ll pass.

I’ve also taken a look at the fall collection and while it is very pretty the colors seemed to disagree with my skin tone so don’t expect to see any reviews here. Only exceptions are the three new Joues Contraste (one with the fall collection and two with the new Vitalumiere Powder), so I might pick up one later. But for now I’m holding my breath for the Holiday Collection.

/Chanel news

YSL Bronze Pyrite


This is one coat of YSL La Laque Couture in 35 Bronze Pyrite, no top coat. Wonderful quality, opaque in one coat. It’s the sort of color that shows brush strokes, but I don’t think it was very bad.

Since I used no top coat there was slight tip wear on day 2, but after that it stayed the same for a whole week.

Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream

I have given the Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream to my older sister. She has been using it ever since and so I thought I’d make a post about her thoughts on it.


Like I wrote before, this cream claims to be a day cream and a makeup base, putting it into the primer category of CC Creams. It also claims to help with pigmentation and to be “ultra” tightening.


It comes out almost colorless, unlike some other CC creams, which tend to have a visible color tint.


Spread out you can barely see it, but it has a slight pink shimmer. Since both shimmer and pigmentation are so low, it would work with all skin tones.

What my sister says:

She likes to apply it in the morning, then she doesn’t need any other moisturizer. She likes the way it looks on skin, not noticable but it does give a glow. Her favorite part is that she says her face tightens with this on, like there is less sagging. (I don’t know where my sis thinks there is sagging on her face, but it’s what she said.)

My sister also uses Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and she says those two are pretty similar.

And last, she also complains that there is no SPF in it. She doesn’t want to put yet another layer on. I very much agree about the SPF. If you claim to reduce pigmentation you can put SPF in your cream.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Mirifique Beauty. Take a look at her blog if you don’t follow it already because it’s a great read. :)

The rules for this award are:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog
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  5. Give 5 random facts about yourself.


My 5 facts:

  1. I have read Homestuck three times. It has left me with certain speech quirks.
  2. At 174 cm I am the smallest in my family. Never got rid of the nickname “die Kleine” (the little one).
  3. I am currently reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami and it took me a while to get the pun in the title.
  4. To me lunch is the most important meal of the day.
  5. Sadly I hate cooking. See my problem?

I nomiate:











(I can’t believe I got tagged in July! Time flies!)

the Face Base

I almost named this entry “the bare necessities” but none of this is necessary, so I changed my mind. Anyway, this post is to show you my current base makeup routine. I have three stages of makeup:

1. None. Nada. I don’t mean “no makeup makeup”, I mean nothing on (except for sunscreen). This happens a lot more during summer, due to heat & laziness. My tips for that stage are: groom brows and dye eyelashes blue-black. I swear that makes so much difference! I gotta admit  I have been neglecting my poor brows, though.

2. BB Cream all over and done with it. Might add some rouge etc to create no makeup makeup.

3. The full base. When I want to look polished or the skin acts up. My current base items:


In order of application:

MAC Prep & Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in Pink. Mostly because I want to use it up. If I was doing a Project Pan, this would be one of the items.

MAC Mineralize Foundation Compact: Holy Grail item. Good coverage, long lasting, does not emphasize dry skin, but does not get shiny either.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer: Photoshop for the skin.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer: undereye concealer. I use this so much the writing has worn off. Coincidentally Lisa Eldridge mentioned this in her latest video and I agree so much. Why change something that works so well for you?

Flormar Brow Powder: Stays all day.

Sumita Brow Wax: This came in one of my last Glossyboxes before I unsubscribed. When I ran out of my brow gel I decided to use this. It’s good, but I think I prefer gel.

MAC Prep & Prime Eye: When I apply eyeshadow I’ll use either this or a cream shadow. This is the only real eye primer I own. I’m not 100% happy with it, but I haven’t yet gotten my hands on anything better. Suggestions?

(For my vacation makeup, I took the same items with me, except I replaced the foundation with Dior‘s BB Creme. I ended up not using the brow items even once.)


That’s it, that’s my face base. It’s quite MAC heavy, partly because there are some items that I’ll never replace (Studio Finish Concealer!), partly because some items are left over from the days when I was still learning my way around makeup (the primers, mostly. although it’s possible that after I use up the face primer, I’ll pick up the CC cream from MAC to replace it).

Which are your base items that you always have on hand?

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette

Now this is an old LE palette, but Bobbi Brown totally reuse colors and some of these might even be in the regular range, so I hope my swatches aren’t completely useless.


Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette


Blurry pic of the back. Colors included are: Navajo, Twilight, Pink Dusk, Water Color Pink, Twilight Pink, Cement, Dusk and Chocolate Mauve.


Look at the colors in the reflection, they are more true to real life than the front part of the pic.

The palette also includes a double ended brush. I never quite found out how to properly use the flat, orange one.


Swatches. Because I’m dumb I didn’t swatch first row, then second row, I swatched top, bottom, top bottom. So the colors are: Navajo, Twilight Pink, Twilight, Cement (regular range), Pink Dusk, Dusk, Water Color Pink (also included in the new smokey nudes palette!), and Chocolate Mauve.

Do not try to find Navajo. Navajo is invisible. The light shimmery color you see on top is Twilight Pink.


Second swatch, this time in direct sunlight.

The two swatches atop Chocolate Mauve, Dusk and Water Color Pink, are what Bobbi Brown call Sparkle Eye Shadow. That’s Bobbi Brown for “no pigment”. But the others aren’t all that pigmented either. Lasting power is terrible. The only way to get them to stick was to put my Wunderwuzzi underneath (that would be the Estee Lauder Cream Eyeshadow).

Frankly, I bought this when I was young and unexperienced and didn’t know how to swatch before a buy. I haven’t gotten any Bobbi Brown powder shadows since. Imho the creams are much better.

A good nude: Lancome L’Absolu Nu Corail Evanescent


You probably know how hard it is to find a good nudeish color or a “my lips but better”. For me, they usually look off and I stopped searching. This one’s a pretty good one, though: Lancome L’Absolu Nu in 101 Corail Evanescent. The Nu lipsticks are the sheer variants of the L’Absolu Range. But unlike the L’Absolu they don’t offer SPF. Probably because they are so sheer.


As the name suggests, Corail Evanescent is a peachy coral. It’s not actually meant to be a nude, Lancome lists it in the “coral to red” range, not the “beige to brown”. But they also mention “lip enhancing pigments”.


Swatch. It’s a sheer coral. For me it is so universal it goes with everything. And like I mention up there, it’s my personal nude/mlbb.

Other than the color what I like best is the pretty design. What I dislike is the smell, it’s such an old fashioned lipstick smell.

Availability: I’ve had this for a while, so I’m not sure. As you can see in the link above, the L’Absolu Nu are still listed on Lancome’s website, but they are not on display in my usual haunts. If you can find them they are worth checking out. They are bit like Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine, but smoother, creamier.